Beauty Jungle

How do you the consumer make a choice with 5 million skincare companies on the internet.? Each one claiming greatness, natural,organic? That’s without the shelves of glossy jars lining the stores when you buy food,clothes or just looking. I have checked quite a few and there are ..if you read..quite a few slip ups which you the consumer can spot.
The owners who claim to make their own products? Hmm check that out, what are their qualifications? Nautral products? Well there isn’t a law defining natural so this is a clear sign you are being tricked.
Claiming awards. If you think about nearly every product this days has one something, but what is that something? often it is nothing.
Imagine when you could trust, well that is what we are about. Old fashioned? Yes apparently. Honest? Yes Quality above quantity? Yes. We are not interested in becoming huge, we are interested in providing quality skincare to the people who are…well..’old fashioned’.
Till next time, 😉


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