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Beauty Madness

I love the beauty business it’s been my life long career. 34yrs of it to be exact. I love  helping women. I have always believed that all women are beautiful and have never seen the flaws that..unfortunately so many women see themselves. Beauty is not just skin deep.

So why the beauty madness that has reached hysterical levels. Injecting and surgical lifting?
Be honest have you ever seen a fantastic natural looking surgical face job? It won’t happen and you know why? The muscles of the face are designed to support each other, they all have a job. Facial exercising will work albeit time consuming! Magical creams? This is the nitty gritty of it..if a anti-wrinkle cream could do the miracle it claims it will be medical and need a prescription. That simple. Penetration of the skin where it can do the miracle work is something for the medical field not the beauty industry.
And yet I ask myself after more than 3 decades in a industry that has exploded. “Women confuse me, what do they want? do they know what they want and why aren’t they happy with a healthy looking skin?

We all know that health is what we all want, because without it we have nothing. However stretched and botoxed, or filled we may be.

What is beauty? To me it is a healthy looked after skin. A skin that is clean, nourished, a skin that is glowing, naturally A skin that shows life, eyes that sparkle naturally, this can’t be injected or surgically provided. It comes from within and a great skincare regime that you do and works for you.
It doesn’t have to be expensive. I am qualified to produce skincare and have done for many years. As with cooking basic ingredients are needed to make a cream, lotion or serum.

Okay that’s enough for today I will step of my soapbox, and start the next chapter…maybe tomorrow.

For now, hope you enjoyed reading!

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Beauty Jungle

How do you the consumer make a choice with 5 million skincare companies on the internet.? Each one claiming greatness, natural,organic? That’s without the shelves of glossy jars lining the stores when you buy food,clothes or just looking. I have checked quite a few and there are ..if you read..quite a few slip ups which you the consumer can spot.
The owners who claim to make their own products? Hmm check that out, what are their qualifications? Nautral products? Well there isn’t a law defining natural so this is a clear sign you are being tricked.
Claiming awards. If you think about nearly every product this days has one something, but what is that something? often it is nothing.
Imagine when you could trust, well that is what we are about. Old fashioned? Yes apparently. Honest? Yes Quality above quantity? Yes. We are not interested in becoming huge, we are interested in providing quality skincare to the people who are…well..’old fashioned’.
Till next time, 😉