Beauty skin deep mountain high

I feel honoured to have trained in the late 70’s under a spectacular lady who taught me the importance of beauty. A fascinating person who would tell me tales of her life as a countess, a lady, and her clientele (and mine) which I will reveal at a later date.

ImageSome 3 decades later I am wandering where ‘beauty’ has gone? Beauty of course is all around us but I am thinking in the context of our face and body. That is where my expertise is and continues to be. I have always and continue to see beauty in all people. I have been quoted as saying the only ugly woman I have ever seen is perhaps one who has an ugly heart. Not too many.

I would like you to join me on a journey of discovery to unravel the madness we call beauty in today’s society.

My expertise and passion is skin. A remarkable organ. Did you know the skin delivers signals to our brains? It is our contact with the outside world. Skin cells are presently being used to feed the brain. This magnificance organ. It saddens me the abuse it receives in today’s world.

So is beauty skin deep or mountain high? I hope I explain myself well enough, a little cryptic perhaps but I would like this blogg to raise the bar on beauty & skin.

Hope you like and follow me on this amazing discovery.







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